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Woods Clear Skin Kit
Woods Aesthetics

Woods Clear Skin Kit

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This bundle is great to help control break-outs regardless of age.
If you are on any prescriptions from another doctor to manage acne we recommend you consult with them before using new products. 

Blemish Touch Stick

Salicylic acid solution helps rapidly dry and heal active acne lesions in a convenient touch-stick. Helps reduce active acne breakouts.

Blemish Defense Moisturizer

An oil-free moisturizer meant for those with oily and acne prone skin.

Glow Daily Pads

The skin degreasing pads emulsify skin oils and excess congestion to brighten and smooth skin texture and tone, keeping skin soft and hydrated without over-drying. Helps exfoliate and brighten skin tone and texture.

Acne Foaming Cleanser

Cleanser with 2% Salicylilc acid formula for enhanced exfoliation to help smooth the texture and tone of the skin. Enhanced cleansing to reveal a brighter, smoother skin tone and texture

Save by purchasing the bundle. Items sold separately retail for $205.

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